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Myths abound about the ideal leaky gut syndrome diet. The condition, also known as intestinal permeability disorder, is caused by leaks in the lining of the small intestine.

The mucous membrane within the digestive system becomes more porous and leaky. This allows bacteria, viruses, toxins and partially digested food from the intestinal contents to seep across it and enter the blood stream. In turn, this provokes an autoimmune response which is responsible for many leaky gut syndrome symptoms.

Leaky gut syndrome may be the consequence of a variety of inflammatory triggers and may also be caused by other digestive track diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, allergies and even type 1 diabetes. Poor diet and nutrition, side effects to some types of drugs, ingestion of toxins and reactions to parasite infestations have all been blamed as causes for the leaky gut syndrome.

What Is The Best Leaky Gut Diet

Intestinal permeability is essentially a disorder of the gut and digestive tract. So it naturally follows that a leaky gut diet is one that will minimize the danger to the gut lining and prevent the damage from growing worse.

Most dieticians and nutritionists who deal with these patients advocate caution about what is eaten so that digestion is optimal while injury is avoided and allergies forestalled. So the ideal leaky gut syndrome diet will include easily digested food that also has microbicidal properties that will reduce the burden of bacteria and fungi that the body has to deal with.

Ingredients of a Leaky Gut Syndrome Diet

A good leaky gut diet plan will be one based around these foods:

  • leeks
  • garlic
  • onion
  • mustard
  • unprocessed meat
  • leafy vegetables
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • poultry
  • fresh fruit
  • skim milk
  • low-fat yoghurt
  • fish like salmon
  • fish oil supplements

All of these items meet the criteria of a good diet for intestinal permeability disorder, by being easy to digest and absorb, providing vital nutrients, and being bactericidal in their impact on gut microbes.

What to Avoid in a Leaky Gut Diet

The list of things to avoid in cases of leaky gut syndrome diets is longer, but here are some of the worst offenders that should be excluded from meals:

  • shellfish
  • cheese
  • pickles
  • pickled foods
  • caffeine based foods
  • monosodium glutamate
  • processed meats
  • refined carbs

A good leaky gut diet will eliminate the root cause of the problem. It may even make patients completely free of digestive problems and stomach ache. By replenishing vital nutrients and improving nourishment, a leaky gut syndrome diet can restore patients back to regular normal activity quickly.

More details about a leaky gut syndrome diet can be obtained from the informative collection of articles on the subject.

Learning more about leaky gut syndrome and the various options available to prevent and treat it is very important. "Leaky Gut Cure" is a nice little guide to understanding what's at stake and how to prevent ill effects from this poorly understood condition.

Click here to download Leaky Gut Cure now*

Leaky Gut Cure Review


Leaky Gut Cure Review

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