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Looking for a leaky gut cure? The foundation of a healthy body is laid in your gut. And a distressed leaky gut can allow toxic substances to enter the blood stream leading to problems. If this wasn't bad enough, the malabsorption of vital nutrients leads to a host of troubles including eczema, psoriasis, acne, and overall poor health.

That's why we need a leaky gut cure. A protocol to gain back health through natural means. With the right combination of herbs and supplements coupled with lifestyle changes involving reduced stress and healthier eating habits, it is possible to manage leaky gut syndrome effectively.

Diet For Leaky Gut Cure

Clean, healthy diet can do more than many complicated routines and therapies for sufferers of leaky gut syndrome. Eliminate sugar of all kinds to prevent fermentation and growth of bacteria. A mix of gluten, processed foods and dairy join the proscribed list. And alcohol or caffeine can be poison, as any leaky gut victim will testify.

Compensate by adding essential fatty acids to your intake. Fish and chia seeds are excellent sources. Another is flax seeds. These help heal the mucosal lining of your small intestine, providing a leaky gut cure while helping build overall health.

Plenty of clean water is an ideal hedge against various nutritional and intestinal problems, including leaky gut disease. This washes away gut contaminants while providing good hydration.


Replacing gut enzymes with artificial equivalents can help improve digestion in people with leaky gut syndrome who have lower stomach acid levels. Natural supplements in the form of lemon, raw apple cider and vinegar water replenish the intestinal tract's depleted resources and aid digestion and absorption of important nutrients.


High fiber content in the food you eat can guard against leaky gut syndrome. Fiber sweeps away bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microbes that colonize the gut. They add bulk to the stool, and cleanse the bowel regularly. By adding psyllium power, ground flax or chia seeds to your food, you can increase the fiber content to protective levels.


Certain veggies and herbs can help with your leaky gut cure. Marshmallow root and licorice root are popular favorites among those with leaky gut. These help reduce intestinal inflammation and calm the gut, while simultaneously lowering the gut permeability which lies at the root of leaky gut syndrome, even though no one is quite sure what causes leaky gut syndrome.

Food Supplements

Malabsorption caused by leaky gut depletes the body of vital elements. Vitamin A, B, C and E are needed. Minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium also need supplementation. L-glutamine has been popularly recommended to strengthen the intestinal lining, and is empirically prescribed without any concrete evidence to prove its value.

Lifestyle Changes

More important than drugs, diet or other therapies is managing your life better for leaky gut cure. Lower stress levels are associated with calmer guts. Get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. Slow down during mealtime. You'll notice a significant different right away.

All these steps together make up a protocol for health that leaky gut syndrome sufferers can adopt and embrace productively. And there's more to help you in a simple but effective guide called "Leaky Gut Cure" that you can find here.

Click here to download Leaky Gut Cure now*

Leaky Gut Cure Review


Leaky Gut Cure Review

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