Leaky Gut Syndrome - What Causes It?

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Although thousands of people suffer the consequences of leaky gut syndrome, the cause for this troublesome malady is still unclear to medical scientists. Breaching the mucosal membrane of the intestine results in bacteria entering the blood stream and the gut lining becoming more permeable. This leads to a set of symptoms that cause much grief among those unfortunate enough to experience them.

But what causes Leaky Gut Syndrome?

On a biochemical level, we have some answers. Toxins released through the action of bacteria on undigested food can make the intestinal lining more permeable. They damage the mucous lining, causing it to become more leaky. Repeated attacks by endotoxins can cause permanent damage, resulting in an ineffective barrier between food and the bowel.

The end result of this process is a defective gut that's prone to Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Factors Leading to Leaky Gut Syndrome

Among the diverse factors that lead to Leaky Gut are the following:

  • Intestinal parasites and infections with bacterial and viruses, both of which can result from contaminated food or water

  • Deficiency of digestive enzymes, in a similar fashion as is seen in celiac disease and Crohn's disease

  • Dietary indiscretion like overindulging in refined carbohydrates

  • Chemical toxins in additives such as dyes, preservatives and food coloring

  • Coffee, tea and alcohol can irritate the gut lining and lead to leaky gut

  • Plant and fungal toxins from old and stale foodstuffs or grain, spoiled fruit and some carbohydrates can damage the gut

  • Free radical damage to the mucous membrane can lead to high permeability

  • Environmental pollution and industrial toxins can irritate the gut lining

  • Prescription drugs and hormones influence gut permeability

  • Psychological stress and strain has indirect impact on leaky gut syndrome

Not all these factors will apply in your case, but a few will.


Drugs causing Leaky Gut Syndrome

Several medicines have an adverse impact on those prone to leaky gut syndrome. Among the worst offenders are

  • Anti-inflammatory NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) including aspirin and ibuprofen

  • Corticosteroids like prednisolone and hydrocortisone

  • Antacid medications

  • Some antibiotics which promote bacterial overgrowth in the gut

NSAIDs have a direct harmful effect on gut epithelium. They produce damage and then prevent the natural reparative process that healthy bowel goes through. As a result, there are defects in the membrane into which bacteria and viruses release endotoxins that get absorbed into the blood stream.

Under the effect of these toxins, the gut lining grows permeable resulting in leaky gut syndrome. And things get worse when the body's immune defence mechanism kicks in, fighting the toxins and creating further leakiness in the gut lining. This, in a nutshell, is what happens in leaky gut syndrome.

Who Can Get Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Leaky gut syndrome affects patients of all ages. People taking any of the drugs listed above are at risk. And there are many with unexplained digestive problems who might be suffering from leaky gut syndrome without even knowing it. When these people consume alcohol and caffeine, it worsens their condition.

Infections and bacteria in the gut can also exaggerate the problem in unwary patients who then are at risk of a whole set of complications and consequences of leaky gut syndrome when their condition is left unattended.

Learning more about leaky gut syndrome and the various options available to prevent and treat it is therefore very important. "Leaky Gut Cure" is a nice little guide to understanding what's at stake and how to prevent ill effects from this poorly understood condition.

Click here to download Leaky Gut Cure now*

Leaky Gut Cure Review


Leaky Gut Cure Review

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